Since 2000, MediaNow has kept business and government clients one step ahead in the constantly evolving world of Digital Media and Technology Integration. We represent the most trusted AV / IT manufacturers. You can be sure that leading edge products are only the beginning, MediaNow adds Design Thinking and Value Engineering  to deliver unsurpassed integration and project management services. Welcome to our new Website, Please look around and remember, there is always expert support available; one phone call or click away.  Thank you.

WHY MediaNow?

MediaNow bridges the gap between overpriced technical solution providers and underpowered  in-house resources. We offer competitive pricing on commercial media and technology products with expert professional  services. Plus, you will find a level of personalized and friendly service; that you thought no longer existed. We truly look forward to working with you on successful projects for years to come!

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Digital Signage

MediaNow is one of the most accomplished and respected digital signage providers in the United States. We can provide DIVERSE references; from the Apollo Theater to the Pentagon or from Times Square to Silicon Valley.
Mom-and Pop love us too!

Media Systems

MediaNow is your total source for Conference Rooms, Lecture Halls and Auditoriums that flow with functionality without breaking the bank or requiring rocket science to function flawlessly for your audience.


Digital Media goes beyond the boundaries of content acquisition and distribution. Autonomous devices, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality affect every business in the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION.

Consulting, Design & Build
From planning to launch we offer single services or turn-key projects including: Design, Permits, Construction, Integration, Commissioning and Maintenance of your system.
Government & Education

MediaNow has been working with government procurement professionals for over a decade. We offer exceptional value in products and services on GSA schedules or open market.

Virtual Reality

VR continues to make advancements that make it more and more part of everyday life. It’s not just for gamers anymore. Both the business and government communities are discovering that virtual reality is ready to go to work today at MediaNow.

Content Delivery Networks CDN

Content Delivery Networks deliver your media content across the campus or around the world. Turn to us for Secure Reliable Transport from the best manufacturers or custom developed media streaming systems.

Augmented Reality AR

AR uses a combination of programming and visual technologies to solve challenges from security issues, training and entertainment spectaculars like projection mapping.

Professional Services

Your company or organization’s daily business may not leave time or manpower to explore the benefits of digital signage or an LED billboard, to develop or maintain a network system, or to install your new high-definition televisions. MediaNow offers a full line of services so that you can keep doing what you do best.

Consulting for Commercial Media Projects

Before you invest let us cover all the bases from total cost analysis, studies revenue projections, project planning, permits, compliance, labor projections and timelines, SME advice you wont find online.

Design and Build Media Sytems that Perform

MediaNow is where expert team of hardware engineers, software engineers, programmers and project managers. the pros go to for content that is fresh, memorable, and appealing. Keep doing what you do best… MediaNow will take care of the rest.

Authorized Dealers for Leading Manufacturers

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