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After years of developing every imaginable type of content delivery system, we have learned that some concepts remain constant. Content will always remain King. However, most content gets old quickly. The need for great content and user experiences will never change. What will change is delivery methodology and audience taste. What are the most amazing realities we have seen with content is new technology and delivery methods have not killed: Newspapers, printed books, vinyl albums, broadcast television or magazines. The reason is simple, as long as creative minds keep coming up with attractive content the public will continue to consume them. At the same time, internet page views, in-place media, digital signage, social media and podcasting are growing exponentially.

Its more important than ever for designers and content developers to work closely together with an understanding of UX. No matter what the media the user experience must remain first and foremost. When we started this company we named it Media-Now because that’s exactly what we wanted to be. Media Now, no matter what the format, no matter what the delivery system, no matter what the purpose, no matter where the audience was located.

Content development, management and delivery requires multiple skill sets, disciplines, understanding, people and the right attitude. It’s so important for any content user to understand the technology is changing faster than most entities can absorb it. Not only does your organization have to consider Cloud migration, there’s also “the Edge” and The Internet of Things which leads to the Digital Transformation. It’s our job in our pleasure to be absolutely certain our clients get there first, with the most for Less Financial outlay than there compared.

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