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NOTE” that this section involves content delivery. We look at content creation and development in other sections of this website.

If there are any products or services that embody our name MediaNow and why we started this business, it would be Content Delivery Networks or CDN. Media NOW is exactly what CDN is all about. The most common type of CDN would be YouTube, will you post media content and anyone can watch it whenever they please. It’s media now. YouTube serves the media and a phone, tablet or laptop are the clients. However, when you want to deliver a lot of content to public or private viewers with control and security it’s time to consider your own CDN. A CDN encompasses more than simply streaming media. Typically a CDN will have content developer or acquisition, content management then content distribution. A CDN will usually have a portal where specific users can access the content.
If your CDN is for business, government or subscription, you may save time and money by working with professional outside sources who will not only guide you through the process; they will show you how to make the process more efficient or profitable.
When MediaNow works with a CDN client, we use a practical three step process.

We begin with the WHY. What is your purpose? Who is your audience? Is it for, training, promotion, marketing, entertainment. Podcasting or pay model? You can be sure that every different application has subtle differences in what type of hardware, software, cloud service, content development / management, workflow and a host of other questions that are better and less costly to ask sooner; instead of later.

Haivision Media Platform

Haivision Media Platform helps you organize, manage and share secure, high quality live and on-demand video to every employee, on any screen – desktops, monitors and mobile devices – anywhere. With the Haivision Media Platform, your organization can distribute IPTV, live and on-demand video content, including all hands and corporate events, and record multiple sources.

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