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At the heart of every digital signage system is the software. Your choice of software determines everything your system can and can’t do. Believe it or not the can’t-do is important for users who only require certain functions and would rather not pay for them. The can-do is for users who have specific applications that demand extended features. That is why MediaNow offers multiple brands of digital signage software that is time proven to deliver professional results. We have been working with some digital signage software for well over a decade. Our team is delivered and installed systems for every branch of the US Armed Forces, the FBI, DIA and dozens of other important state and federal agencies. We are also proud to have supported the needs of Mom and Pop businesses and fledgling startups.

Most  competitors have whatever you need; provided it’s the brand they carry. At MediaNow you can select from multiple brands that meet your intended purpose and preference. Choose from Scala, a brand that has been around for over 25 years with over a half a million players in service. Choose from Appspace, a newer brand with roots to Cisco and unlimited applications. Go with Visix and create detailed wayfinding and dynamic signs. If you need easy to use, yet versatile digital signage software for menu boards, brands like BrightSign and Digit will fit the bill. For all in one software and displays, Supersign from LG is ready to deploy in minutes.

Any serious digital signage deployment should always begin by consulting software experts who  talk the talk and walk the walk. Ask questions, fact check the answers. For most users a digital signage system is a major undertaking and capital expense. You need to be sure the critical factors you require are included and scalable. Be sure that training, upgrades and technical support will not only be available next week but next year and the year after that. Be sure that operating costs as well as the learning curve fit into your plans. Be sure that the software works with the graphic design and video editing formats you use.

Government, educational and military users can purchase software from our GSA schedules

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