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By their name. hospitality televisions clearly imply they are made for use in hotels and motels as well as hospitals “only”. Hospitality TVs have the built-in capability to support customized applications and guest services through a system integrators (such as MediaNow) and service partners (Cable and content providers). The TVs can be set up at one time, quickly and easily. LG is our preference in commercial-grade hospitality televisions—TVs built from the inside out for use in guest rooms featuring the latest Pro:Centric® full HD, 4K and smart hotel TVs in an array of sizes all the way up to 75-inch ultra-slim smart TVs. For the luxury suites they have the ultimate in-room entertainment with the revolutionary razor-thin LG OLED Wallpaper hospitality TVs—one of the first TVs in the world to incorporate Dolby Atmos® sound. However. Panasonic and other brands also build great products and are very competitive. We look at all choices because they may offer buyers greater value; depending on what options are desired.

We remind all volume-buying client’s that Hospitality TV’s may be the smartest choice when outfitting large office spaces, new buildings and government operations. The amount of logic and control that’s already built into Hospitality TVs make absolute sense when considering: emergency notifications,  content control for employees or occupants and energy savings.

In addition, our professional team can integrate digital signage, teleconferencing and other custom interactive features that can turn any space, into an extremely smart space. MediaNow is ready to negotiate on your behalf directly with the manufacturers to deliver the best hospitality television pricing in the USA.

Keep MediaNow in mind for fast turnarounds on all of your facility’s AV, Infrastructure, and Autonomous Security requirements. Our Value Packages can save you time and money and aggravation.

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