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eSports and Robotics re-energizing public meeting spaces. Schools, universities and fraternal organizations are discovering that eSports and Robotic events bring out the public. The experience of live competition is very desirable to all AV tech savvy age groups. Speak to MediaNow about converting, upgrading or developing existing space it’s so highly flexible areas for attracting crowds to your facility during all four seasons. We can support your efforts from the concept through final installation phases. Take advantage of our American and international network of experts and suppliers. Allow us to take the unique steps of forecasting not only what the project will cost but what operations 3 years from now will cost. Then we take a realistic analysis and provide ideas what type of revenue the facility will generate. Only deep understanding of the entire multi-use facility development process will deliver the the kind of Analytics your team expects. After the groundwork is done it’s time to show you why we name the company media_now with the most creative and cost-effective mega Media integration ideas available anywhere on the planet. Ideas that go beyond the space and beyond your expectations. We can’t wait to show you what can happen!i

“MediaNow where Design Thinking and Value Engineering meet – on your behalf”

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Digital signage is all about placing the perfect message, precisely where you want it, at the exact time it needs to be there. Let us show you how to expand digital signage dynamics to not only deliver your message but to obtain a desired reaction from your audience.

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