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Today, it does not matter if you run an office a building a facility or a campus; the digital transformation is upon us. The Internet of Things continues to deliver an astonishing array of devices and systems to help do our jobs and live our lives better. The good news is that as things become digital, they become more practical to control. The bad news is that there is the disparate technologies that need help in order to play nicely together. While Alexa may allow you to call up your favorite tune, it’s not ready to speak with an auditorium full of sound processors, microphones and lighting instruments. On top of that there’s HVAC and security systems that require pinpoint controlled and access from multiple personnel. After years of working with media and mastering the control of all devices MediaNow has expanded our practice to include remote control and automation for any system in any location. Once again we partner with only the best of the best. The reason for that is top-flight with long positive reputations take the guesswork and worry out of any project. Nobody knows everything about everything, that’s why we have built relationships with exceptional manufacturers and providers who understand that bad things as well as good things/ can happen anytime. We enjoy working with our suppliers but we never forget we work for our customers . Allow us to show you an incredible universe  of control and automation devices with installation always available.

Whatever your control challenge MediaNow has a control solution.

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Digital signage is all about placing the perfect message, precisely where you want it, at the exact time it needs to be there. Let us show you how to expand digital signage dynamics to not only deliver your message but to obtain a desired reaction from your audience.

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