Command & Control

The concept of command and control is evolving as fast as the digital transformation. No longer is C&C an audio visual domain. The majority of devices and systems are now AV over IT or completely IT. Excluding data feeds almost everything and security is media-related, you need to capture, store, monitor and analyze images. You will need to control autonomous devices. Cameras Now operate at 4K or higher resolutions. Almost every device in your system will be interactive. There will be multiple pathways of digital information that can either work together or trip over each other and your team. You not only have to be concerned with Thinking Out of the Box, you need to stay on top of that box. We are not being dramatic when we advise you to be very selective when you choose your sources. If your sources are not advising you about: Robotics, augmented reality AI, virtual reality VR, artificial intelligence AI, autonomous security devices and data analytics; then it’s time to find new sources. MediaNow has been designing installing and maintaining mission-critical systems for every branch of the US military including major federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies for over a decade. We look forward to putting our expertise and industry connections to work for you. Trust no less when the issues are Safety and Security.

• Network Operations Centers
• Security Operations Centers
• Emergency Operations Centers
• Autonomous Security Device Controls
• Real-Time Crime Centers
• Traffic Management Centers
• Social Media Listening Centers

MediaNow staff includes: certified  and experienced: law enforcement professionals, security consultants and technologists.

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