Commercial-Grade Displays

When it comes to commercial grade digital signage displays MediaNow has good news for you.

The quality has never been better and the pricing is never been more reasonable.

Whether you’re looking for 2K, 4K or even 8K higher custom resolutions MediaNow can precisely meet your needs.

You will find every major line including: LG, Sony, Samsung, Planar, Sharp, Phillips, Digital Projection, and others.

You will always find prices competitive with any online seller.
What you will get here is expert advice that explains the subtle difference from brand to brand and model to model. Plus Design & Build services for corporate, industrial, medical, government and projects or deployments.

We offer the right displays FOR YOU, built to work eight hours or 24/7, at the lowest possible cost.

Leave the consumer stuff where it belongs, on the walls at Walmart. If your operation serves the public, then turn to MediaNow for professional grade products. Nobody understands public displays and digital signage better.

OLED technology from LG as well as QLED technology from Samsung for the last word in digital signage displays are now available at MediaNow.

These truly amazing screens with less than 1mm thin panels emit light directly from the pixels, eliminating energy burning backlights.

Interested buyers should contact one of our Consultants directly to discuss the differences and advantages of each approach. They will be happy to provide you with the technical details and a no obligation quote.

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We will compete with any USA dealer on price and outpace them on service.