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It’s typical for most project owners to question the expense of bringing in a consultant. The bigger question is can using a consultant be considered an expense or a cost-saving measure? Great Consultants are usually SME’s subject matter experts who not only understand the cost of the acquisition but the cost of ownership as well. Expertise means granular assessments at the usecase, needs analysis, market research to intangibles such as access to their professional resources.  Typically  consulting focuses on costing,  market forecasting and ROI. However Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) for a specific purpose are often needed to evaluate or complete a project. A consultant should be a trusted third-party who acts in the best interest of the end-user, company or unit. Consultants may develop a statement of work (SOW) that will be the roadmap to a successful project. While not always required, some buyers will intentionally work with consultants who are not associated with amy potential vendors or contractors. Separate Consultants and contractors is a normal practice within government and larger corporations. However, smaller companies and startups are realizing that turning to consultants who can get the job done faster cheaper end better than their own in house resources makes dollar and sense.  MediaNow can provide unsurpassed clarity on all stages of your Media or IT project and deliver unsupervised reporting and results

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