LCD / LED or OLED: 2K – 4K and 8K Digital Displays

Unless you’re in the display business or follow the industry very closely, there is a good chance that you’re not aware every move in the evolution a visual technology. That’s why a source like MediaNow is a preferred supplier when you need the exact displays; at the right price. Unlike retail dealers, we take the time to discuss your project and do the market research for you, at no extra charge. We listen to your needs, MediaNow can offer you a choice of perfectly matched screens. For large projects we typically can go directly to the manufacturer and broker the best possible deal. A wealth of subject-matter experience means we can identify specific displays you may not have known existed.

INSTALLATION IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE  Call or email for your quote  

We source displays for: showcase windows, display case doors, shelf edge, multiple-screens, kiosks, floor, ceiling, indoor, outdoor and see-through. MediaNow is an authorized dealer for every major display manufacturer. Every digital display we offer is commercial grade with full commercial warranties. They are built for 16/7 or 24/7 applications. We curate our selection based on experience and client applications.  There is no need to invest in less or more display than you need. At MediaNow you will find all the peripheral supplies you need to make your next project spot on.selection of mounts, stands, cables, connectors, extenders and controllers. Of course you will find every type of display technology available OLED, LED, SMD and LCD. Having every type of display available is only part of the story. Come to the experts you can trust, whether you need one display or several hundred. No one will treat you better or fairer.