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Learning spaces and classrooms demand an entirely different approach to audio visual and IT dynamics. In order to get and keep the attention of most students teachers must create an environment, that can compete against homes full of flat panels and the relentless phone. The myriad of content available for education requires 4K resolution, clean sound and the ability of the instructor and student to interact. MediaNow was focused on creating digital learning environments that are dynamic, interactive and immersive. Although the devices keep advancing at a Breakneck pace, we are happy to report prices continue to decline. There is never been a better time to digitize your classroom spaces. The effect it will have on the student population as well as improved efficacy of the teaching staff. Media now is your one stop source for great pricing from leading manufacturers plus an experienced team for design, build and support. We carry every significant brand just like Amazon; only if you have a question, we pick up the phone. So contact MediaNow, we look forward to discussing practical and dynamic solutions with you.

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