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The case for interactive, self service and vending kiosks has never been more compelling. The amazing ability of today’s technology to assist your customer in attaining a better experience is overwhelming. MediaNow sources are the best anywhere offering you bulletproof and cost-effective solutions for almost any situation. From ordering a food item to a self-registration, we can offer you both off-the-shelf TurnKey system or the ability to custom-design develop and deliver one of a kind kiosks. Scala digital signage offers interactivity standard, Appspace was developed to allow you total design freedom. Meridian simply builds the best turnkey kiosk line available, more than that we’re proud of the fact that almost all of our suppliers build or develop right here in the USA. As always all media now brands are TSA and buy American compliant. Speak with our Engineers today and find out how affordable and dependable the kiosks and interactive displays of today really are. Our goal is to connect you with the absolute best value for your application. We do this by offering the highest quality products along with free and informed advice..

“MediaNow where Design Thinking and Value Engineering meet – on your behalf”

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Digital signage is all about placing the perfect message, precisely where you want it, at the exact time it needs to be there. Let us show you how to expand digital signage dynamics to not only deliver your message but to obtain a desired reaction from your audience.

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