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It’s  amazing when you think about the evolution of the network it wasn’t that long ago that we were frustrated with slow connections, bulky devices and not much, as we move into the age a very fast mobile end wireless connections and BYOD a consumer- grade network will no longer do.

We have entered the age a purpose-built digital infrastructures, more specifically, they are digital media infrastructures. Because,no matter if you work in an office environment or deployed unit for the military there is a high probability that’s 75% of the traffic on your infrastructure will be media. Even if your operation focuses on data you will need infrastructure that can perform visualization, virtualization and analytics. Media Network specialization will come to every industry, sector, vertical and category. 

MediaNow contends that 802.11ax and CBRS are key wireless technologies that will underpin the The Internet of Things and the Digital Transformation, SMPTE the Society of Motion Picture and Television engineers have developed 2010 (dont let the 10 mislead you) standards for all aspects of networks that are specifically designed to carry media traffic. MediaNow can design and build Media infrastructure built to SMPTE standards to securley transport and deliver all signal traffic efficiently .

By summer 2020, most mobile devices available will support 802.11ax standard providing benefits in capacity for high-density scenarios via multiple improvements in the MAC and PHY layers: Enhanced Network Efficiency enables multi-user operation efficiency over-the- air: MU-MIMO allows wireless networks to more efficiently service the increasing numbers of phones, tablets, and other personal mobile devices. MU-MIMO does this by allowing the AP to communicate with multiple devices concurrently, rather than consecutively.

A single user can use multiple spatial streams to send a large amount of data to clients that can receive all these streams. Devices such as laptops could support two or sometimes three streams, allowing for high speed connections. Unfortunately smaller mobile devices like phones can typically support only one stream, and thus can’t take advantage of this capability.

The FCC  has set aside 150 MHz of wireless spectrum in the 3.5 GHz cellular band for citizens and companies to share as they see fit,  Citizen Band Radio Service (CBRS) shared spectrum is a far-sighted and potentially transformative decision that could change the course of wireless communications in the United States   The power of CBRS comes from the fact that everyone – especially the end user – benefits:

  • Mobile operators can leverage this band to augment their existing mobile coverage.
  • Cable operators will be able to utilize this spectrum in their new wireless offerings.
  • Federal agencies, will, for the first time, be able to build their own Private 4G LTE networks to address their most challenging mission-critical use cases with CBRS without having to rely on the Mobile Operator
    With Ruckus CBRS LTE portfolio, organizations can deploy and manage a private LTE network as easily as they deploy WifI today. 

WPA3:  Network Security 
At the beginning of 2018, the Wi-Fi Alliance® announced new security enhancements for Wi-Fi Protected Access. The follow-on to WPA2, WPA3 promises multiple enhancements:

  1. Device Provisioning Protocol (DPP) – An exciting development for provisioning Internet of Things (IOT) devices.
  2. Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE) – Encryption for open wireless networks that prevents eavesdropping attacks
  3. Suite-B – WPA3 adopts stronger cryptographic algorithms defined by the US Government. While mainly government and banking deployments are most interested in this feature, once available, all wireless deployments will benefit from these capabilities.
  4. Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE) – For customers that use insecure passwords, SAE adds another tenet of security that mitigates dictionary attacks by introducing a secure handshake.

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