Autonomous Robots for Security

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For security professionals and facility managers charged with staffing unarmed guard positions, Knightscope is more than a solution. Its a genuine game-changer that allows you to extend manpower, capabilities and coverage area, while visibly reducing costs. You must see what they can do for yourself. MediaNow is a prime supplier of military-grade hardware. software and services for the digital business transformation. We are proud to be named a charter Knightscope Authorized Partner and the first company to offer the Knightscope product line and related services on GSA Schedule 70.


A  Force Multiplier and Proven Deterrent

Autonomous Charging

Allows for Continuous Operation 24/7/365

Advantages of Autonomous Robots for Security

– Highly Productive in Repetitive or Even Dangerous Security Roles – Autonomous Charging Allows for Continuous Operation 24/7/365 – Sensors Record & Retain More Data than a Human Alone – Engages the Public & Enhances the Brand – Saves Time & Money – AI Deep Learning

Why Our Clients Use Autonomous Security Robots

– Security Robots are a Force Multiplier and Proven Deterrent – Automatic License Plate Recognition Secures Parking Lots/Structures – Robots Help Mitigate Workplace Violence and Improve Public Safety – Robots Patrol Hard to Reach and Previously Neglected Spaces – Continuous Human Patrol Was a Financial Challenge – Data Empowers Users to Make More Informed, Safer Decisions


Autonomous Data Machine (ADM)
Indoor and Outdoor Use
A stationary machine designed for any use-case; Ideal for lobbys, entry control points, etc.
All the same detections as the other machines.
K1 Specs
Speed: Stationary Terrain: Indoors/Outdoors Height: 62.4” Width: 11.2” Weight: 150 lbs.
Indoor Use
Designed for complex dynamic indoor environments such as indoor malls, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, stadium plazas, warehouses or schools.
Smaller Size
Smaller and narrower than its outdoor counterpart, allowing easier maneuvering indoors.
K3 Specs
Speed: Up to 3 mph Terrain: Indoors Height: 51” Width: 24” Weight: 340 lbs.
Outdoor Use
Built to operate in ADA Compliant areas around open air malls, corporate campuses, hospitals, stadiums, retailers, warehouses, logistics facilities, college campuses, airports & train stations.
Added Features
Automatic License Plate Recognition; Parking Space Utilization; Parking Meter.
K5 Specs
Speed: Up to 3 mph Terrain: Outdoors Height: 62.5” Width: 33.5” Weight: 398 lbs

Why Our Clients Use Autonomous Security Robots

Eye-level Video Surveillance Enables Higher Quality Identification in Incident Investigations Supplements Fixed Camera Blind Spots and Deficiencies Mobile Thermal Imaging Fills the Need for Early Fire Detection & After Hours People Detection Cost Savings Through Security Workforce Augmentation

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Save up to 75% and get up to 128 more hours of coverage with our Autonomous Data Machines.


Save up to 75% and get up to 128 more hours of coverage with our Autonomous Data Machines.

Why Use Security Robots?

Stronger Physical Deterrent 24/7 In-Motion Visible Surveillance Enhanced Eye-Level HD Video Footage Parking Surveillance & Parking Security Management Increased Patrol & Recorded Video Coverage Capacity Expanded Workplace Violence Prevention with License Plate & Device Blacklisting Policy Participation with Audio Reinforcement Using Broadcast Early Alerting for Fire Hazards or Dangerous Levels of CO2 Threat Detecting for Cyber-Attacks or Suspicious Packages with External Devices Financial Advantages with Security Workforce Augmentation Software, Firmware & Limited Hardware Upgrades Provided Free of Charge