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Media players are arguably the most critical component in a digital signage system. They not only play out your content, they typically control the display’s functions. (on-off-status) In the case of interactive touch panels, the player is often where the software resides, the transaction is completed or data is relayed. All of those features are dependent on the ports and connectors available on your media player and its ability to stay online.

An important fact about media players is that no matter what display or television you use for your digital signage, the image and resolution are only as good as the video card inside the player not the display. Always examine the players specifications to be sure.

The latest crop of media players can support 4K as well as 1080 images and video.

The most significant new feature in high-end players include: two, three, four and six dedicated outputs (channels) on a single chassis. What’s really sweet about this is that these players can stitch multiple channels together using a technique called VLS. Very Large Scale programming allows users to develop very cost-effective video walls and custom displays. Speak to one of our engineers for more details and exciting ideas for your application. MediaNow offers the best media players anywhere, bar none. Compare features, warranty and prices and decide for yourself.

We feature USA Built and TAA compliant media players

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