Commercial Grade TV’s

Yes, you can purchase a TV anywhere on the Internet, but getting the best model, features and price with free expert advice and personalized service may be quite a different matter. Our clients understand the difference between consumer and commercial equipment. Retail grade television have no place in business or government operations. They are not made for 24/7 operation and their much shorter life cycle can cost you more in the end. A retail TV using a commercial application is limited to a 45 to 90 day warranty. That’s why we only offer name brand commercial- grade televisions from known TAA compliant is that the weather Tammy manufacturers with a strong United States presence for parts and service. The two to three year warranty reduces the cost of ownership.

If you think purchasing a television or dozens of televisions is a routine matter, consider this. 70% on the features offered on any television will never be used by the owner. In a large hospitality or medical installation, the choice of televisions can affect the cost a programming and control a substantial amount. For remote control, content management, paid services and advertising a bad choice can paint you into a corner. Before you spend your money, reduce your risk and increase the possibilities with MediaNow.

In addition to commercial TV’s, we offer professional system design and installation with PVI, Crestron and Extron control systems for hospitality, military and institutional deployments

MediaNow is a leading volume television broker.

We will compete with any USA dealer on price and outpace them on service.