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LED and SMD have multiple factors that make them the gold standard when developing commercial media. For either technology, size or shape has no limits. An LED is a light emitting diode. As this technology evolves there are multiple manufacturing techniques had taken the pixel pitch down to under a millimeter. These displays can go as high as 8K and easily rival the film emulsion process. The best news is for making larger displays geared towards advertising and entertainment less expensive larger pixels make jaw dropping images as well. The newest organic light-emitting diode OLED that can be flexed to create seamless flowing images even around corners. Commercial grade fine pitch LED from companies like Planar and Digital Projection are becoming the choice for command and control as well as eSports. These screens can be built to virtually any dimensions. MediaNow is an authorized dealer foremost leading brands. We will be happy to design, deliver and install the display of your dreams.

Surface Mounted Diodes SMD is not as well-known as LED. However for almost any application where you would be considering LED displays, you should be asking your dealer for options and prices on both Technologies. Don’t forget LED and SMD give you visual choices that have no limits. They offer seamless images that are brighter than projection and installation options not available with video walls. Contact a MediaNow display consultant today and get the full picture at the right price.

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