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Conference rooms are still the go to place for putting group ideas and plans into motion. Conference rooms have many variables and are usually designed to suit the people who will use them. In some cases it can be a small huddle room with the amenities of a full size conference space. There are times when a large group may limit their conferences to voice only. Then there are applications where every type of digital media is required. MediaNow has designed, built and maintained every type of conference space imaginable. However, we understand the only one that matters is the one we will create for you. Bring us your best ideas or a blank sheet of paper. Forget boring, a MediaNow conference room will perform exactly how you expect it. We feature the most comprehensive line of commercial-grade media products. You can rely on MediaNow to provide you with everything from a single display to a turnkey project at downright reasonable prices. At the end of the day most of our customers have discovered that we can get the job done faster and more cost-effectively been almost any other source. Experience matters,. Attention to detail matters. Genuine value matters. Your conferencing facilities can never be in better hands. MediaNow has been trusted since 2000 from Main Street to Wall Street. We look forward to meeting your challenges with innovative solutions.

Audio – Harman, Crown, JBL, BIAMP, BSS, Klipcsh, Crestron, Electro Voice , Shure,  and others
Display Systems:  Planar, Digital Projection, Epson, Barco, Christie, Optoma, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Sharp and others.
Controls: Extron, Crestron, Black Box, Kramer, Geffen, RGB Spectrum and others.
Furniture and Racks: Salamander Designs, Spectrum and Middle Atlantic

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