OLED Televisions & Displays

If you don’t know OLED technology today you will be seeing it soon. Without getting too technical, the difference in OLED technology 1 compared to LCD technology at the basic level is: OLED emits light from every pixel and therefore does not require energy-consuming backlights. In addition a pixel that is turned off is truly black. OLED displays and televisions can be less than 1mm deep. They were they are so thin, that two panels mounted back-to-back in one frame are possible. At this time LG is the leading OLED brand as well as the most contracted supplier for other brands.

Samsung is marketing your own organic product named QLED, that is already offered in native 8K versions. They are not the same processes. You should review the pros and cons of each brand carefully with our Consultants before making any purchasing decision. In any case OLED type technology is not only here to stay, we expect it to dominate the industry within the next two years. The only thing holding it back currently is pricing and Manufacturing capacity. However at the end of the day, this is the display technology and users waiting for since flat panels originated.

OLED Screens can be two sided. There is also transparent window units available.