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Today’s audience expects more from their live experience than a weak sound system and a wavy projection screen. While some presentation functions of the auditorium can be done in other ways (classrooms, lecture halls, mobile) none of them can replace the auditorium for bringing large groups together for live events and performances. Many schools, churches, bases and facilities also operate their auditorium as a revenue center with rentals and ticket sales.  There is no reason settle for boring in your auditorium or is there a reason to break the bank doing it. Cost effective upgrades like 4K Ultra High Definition projection (or higher 6K+) makes a big impact, as does bold sound they won’t hear through earbuds. Be sure to ask about 4K, HDBaseT and H:264 Encoding for your facility. We will answer your questions and show you how to extend the value of your auditorium.

Audio – Harmon, Crown, JBL, BIAMP, BSS, Klipsch, Crestron, Electro Voice , Shure,  and others
Display Systems:  Planar, Digital Projection, Epson, Barco, Christie, Optoma, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Sharp and others.
Controls: Extron, Crestron, Black Box, Kramer, Geffen, RGB Spectrum and others.
Furniture and Racks: Salamander Designs, Spectrum and Middle Atlantic

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