Commercial-Grade: Displays and Televisions

There are some things in this world you still can’t get from Amazon or Walmart. The professional, commercial-grade and specialty displays featured at MediaNow, would certainly make that list. Remember consumer-grade products that are used in a commercial environment all but voids the warranty. It costs no more to experience the advantage of procuring high-value tech from experts you can trust at MediaNow.

 LCD / LED or OLED: 2K – 4K and 8K Digital Displays

Unless you’re in the display business or follow the industry very closely, there is a good chance that you’re not aware every move in the evolution a visual technology. That’s why a source like MediaNow is a preferred supplier when you need the exact displays; at the right price. Unlike retail dealers, we take the time to discuss your project and do the market research for you, at no extra charge. We listen to your needs, MediaNow can offer you a choice of perfectly matched screens. For large projects we typically can go directly to the manufacturer and broker the best possible deal. A wealth of subject-matter experience means we can identify specific displays you may not have known existed.

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We source displays for: showcase windows, display case doors, shelf edge, multiple-screens, kiosks, floor, ceiling, indoor, outdoor and see-through. MediaNow is an authorized dealer for every major display manufacturer. Every digital display we offer is commercial grade with full commercial warranties. They are built for 16/7 or 24/7 applications. We curate our selection based on experience and client applications.  There is no need to invest in less or more display than you need. At MediaNow you will find all the peripheral supplies you need to make your next project spot on.selection of mounts, stands, cables, connectors, extenders and controllers. Of course you will find every type of display technology available OLED, LED, SMD and LCD. Having every type of display available is only part of the story. Come to the experts you can trust, whether you need one display or several hundred. No one will treat you better or fairer.

Touch Displays & Panels

Touch display technology has come a long way since 1982 at the University of Toronto and in 1986 when it’s Atari demonstrated the first commercial application at the COMDEX show. Today touch technology is so common we literally take it for granted; whether it’s on our smartphone or the dashboard of our cars. However, when you’re building an application or developing a system that depends on a touch graphical user interface or GUI, you must be exacting. Today there are multiple types of Touch Screens. The five most common types are: 5-Wire Resistive, Surface Capacitive, Projected Capacitive, SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave), and Infrared. “Multi-touch” allows any of these technologies to have multiple points of contact; to affect or control the screen or devices connected to it. Careful consideration should be paid to the environment and audience contact being made to the screens. Whether the application is digital signage, wayfinding, system control or point of sale, the owner must pay careful attention to the evolving technology of these devices in the current market.

MediaNow clients can count on a thorough review of their application checked against the latest trends in the market and manufacturer road maps. In most cases rationally priced off the shelf units will do the job. We only work with manufacturers and distributors who have a proven record of usability and durability. For projects that call for custom sizes, or special features we offer commercial-grade and custom built touch screens in a wide range of sizes and configurations, including Sunlight Readable, Open Frame, Waterproof and Self Cleaning. Don’t hesitate to contact MediaNow for expert advice and a fast reasonable quote.

For a no cost or obligation analysis of your touch-panel needs, just ask.

We source from the proven leaders and innovators in touch technology

Commercial Grade TV’s

Yes, you can purchase a TV anywhere on the Internet, but getting the best model, features and price with free expert advice and personalized service may be quite a different matter. Our clients understand the difference between consumer and commercial equipment. Retail grade television have no place in business or government operations. They are not made for 24/7 operation and their much shorter life cycle can cost you more in the end. A retail TV using a commercial application is limited to a 45 to 90 day warranty. That’s why we only offer name brand commercial- grade televisions from known TAA compliant is that the weather Tammy manufacturers with a strong United States presence for parts and service. The two to three year warranty reduces the cost of ownership.

If you think purchasing a television or dozens of televisions is a routine matter, consider this. 70% on the features offered on any television will never be used by the owner. In a large hospitality or medical installation, the choice of televisions can affect the cost a programming and control a substantial amount. For remote control, content management, paid services and advertising a bad choice can paint you into a corner. Before you spend your money, reduce your risk and increase the possibilities with MediaNow.

In addition to commercial TV’s, we offer professional system design and installation with PVI, Crestron and Extron control systems for hospitality, military and institutional deployments

MediaNow is a leading volume television broker.

We will compete with any USA dealer on price and outpace them on service.

Floor Standing Kiosks

MediaNow, is quite pleased to see floor-standing kiosks finally getting the attention they deserve by the manufacturers. Kiosks especially outdoor types have long been ignored by the major manufacturers because of the complexity of the build, weight of the product and water intrusion issues. Floor-standing kiosks solve many placement issues for digital signage as well as wayfinding. Needless to say they can install in places where there are no walls. But the big picture for floor-standing kiosks is in self service. Kiosks can anchor anything from menu selections for food service to credit card transactions on the street. MediaNow carries an outstanding selection of floor standing kiosks in both off the shelf models and literally anything you can envision in custom-made units. We work with company Peerless who build exceptional weather-tight units. Our partners Meridian and GPO will fabricate custom built units to your exact specifications.

Of course one of the biggest applications for floor standing kiosks continues to be custom digital signage. MediaNow can configure and install turn key kiosk networks with capabilities that are second to none at pricing that can’t be beat. You can rely on MediaNow to make the process pain free from market research the system launch & beyond. We match the best kiosks available with the widest choice of digital signage software anywhere.

One last note –  we don’t sell junk, we evaluate what offer. All MediaNow sources are from people we know and trust.  All of our products comply with Buy American and TAA regulations. Some of our Kiosk products are made right in the USA. ALl of them are made in US ally countries. You can count that ongoing support is dependable. Our pricing is fully competitive and the great service is free. 

Turn to MediaNow for unsurpassed Kiosk options

MediaNow is your one stop shop for complete Kiosk hardware, software and installation solutions.

Hospitality Televisions

By their name. hospitality televisions clearly imply they are made for use in hotels and motels as well as hospitals “only”. Hospitality TVs have the built-in capability to support customized applications and guest services through a system integrators (such as MediaNow) and service partners (Cable and content providers). The TVs can be set up at one time, quickly and easily. LG is our preference in commercial-grade hospitality televisions—TVs built from the inside out for use in guest rooms featuring the latest Pro:Centric® full HD, 4K and smart hotel TVs in an array of sizes all the way up to 75-inch ultra-slim smart TVs. For the luxury suites they have the ultimate in-room entertainment with the revolutionary razor-thin LG OLED Wallpaper hospitality TVs—one of the first TVs in the world to incorporate Dolby Atmos® sound. However. Panasonic and other brands also build great products and are very competitive. We look at all choices because they may offer buyers greater value; depending on what options are desired.

We remind all volume-buying client’s that Hospitality TV’s may be the smartest choice when outfitting large office spaces, new buildings and government operations. The amount of logic and control that’s already built into Hospitality TVs make absolute sense when considering: emergency notifications,  content control for employees or occupants and energy savings.

In addition, our professional team can integrate digital signage, teleconferencing and other custom interactive features that can turn any space, into an extremely smart space. MediaNow is ready to negotiate on your behalf directly with the manufacturers to deliver the best hospitality television pricing in the USA. Keep MediaNow in mind for all of your facilitie’s AV, Infrastructure, and Autonomous Security requirements. Procurement Packages can save you time and money. 

Hospitality TV is done right at MediaNow

Exceptional pricing with superior service.

Outdoor Displays

Please don’t confuse outdoor displays with outdoor signs. Building Signs are much larger and can be read from the street or road. Outdoor displays are typically high resolution video monitors that are meant to be viewed at close distances. Outdoor displays have 720 to 4K resolution and can display full screen video. The main traits to be concerned about with outdoor displays is their water protection rating and sunlight readability. Look for high IP ratings. Outdoor-ready displays have not been around very long. As a matter of fact until recently the only way you can guarantee water and intrusion protection (iP) was to use an external enclosure. Over the past few years the larger manufacturers are producing products that have genuine IP (intrusion protection) ratings paired with sunlight- fighting brightness as measured in candela or NITS.
Make no mistake, there are very few brands or models you can absolutely rely on for the long haul. Some cheap brands will start leaking in the first year. That’s why it’s important to work with suppliers who have genuine experience to determine the right outdoor display investment to make.  Outdoor displays are finding their way into fast food drive-thrus,  shopping centers, well-traveled thoroughfares. We are are seeing a high interest in educational and medical campuses for emergency notification use. .MediaNow offers the most reliable outdoor displays available; plus digital signage software and media players to create powerful Visual Networks that will get your message across like never before.

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We feature Peerless Xtreme outdoor displays

Make sure your outdoor displays were built to last outdoors! for years

OLED Televisions & Displays

If you don’t know OLED technology today you will be seeing it soon. Without getting too technical, the difference in OLED technology 1 compared to LCD technology at the basic level is: OLED emits light from every pixel and therefore does not require energy-consuming backlights. In addition a pixel that is turned off is truly black. OLED displays and televisions can be less than 1mm deep. They were they are so thin, that two panels mounted back-to-back in one frame are possible. At this time LG is the leading OLED brand as well as the most contracted supplier for other brands.

Samsung is marketing your own organic product named QLED, that is already offered in native 8K versions. They are not the same processes. You should review the pros and cons of each brand carefully with our Consultants before making any purchasing decision. In any case OLED type technology is not only here to stay, we expect it to dominate the industry within the next two years. The only thing holding it back currently is pricing and Manufacturing capacity. However at the end of the day, this is the display technology and users waiting for since flat panels originated.

OLED Screens can be two sided. There is also transparent window units available.


Mounts & Stands

While the typical flat and tilt wall mounts have become essentially commodity items, ‘Specialty’ mounts, brackets, stands and carts are not. Properly placed and secure mounting is essential for any digital display or television. While the cost of mounting brackets continues to drop, it’s important that buyers understand that too cheap can be Risky Business. MediaNow only presents mounts and brackets that are UL Certified. Anything less can lead to liability issues. Our main concern is to offer our Customers the best possible mount or stand for their application, at the lowest possible price.

A growing  trend in placement is to mount the display in media furniture. We represent companies like Salamander Middle Atlantic and Spectrum Industries; who allow you to create environments where digital media fits in, instead of sticking out. Allow us to preview just how beautiful and functional your next project can look. 

MediaNow offers CA certified Earthquake rated mounts in standard and custom styles.

We can fabricate any type of mounting system or sign structure…  We mean any.  Our services include PE sealed drawings through installation.


MediaNow carries flat / tilt mounts, credenzas, racks, rolling carts, lift stands, lecterns,

ATA flight cases plus earthquake certified and made to order mounting devices.