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Video walls have become the most popular choice for large-scale indoor public displays. There is clear advantage as they do not require a dark space to make a large picture as do projectors. A 2 by 2 screen video wall can look great and does not require a lot of preparation. However, for a larger installation to be effective and long-lasting, attention to detail will be required. Physical requirements such as weight loads, power and air conditioning must all be accounted for. MediaNow is your one stop shop to find the right video wall components; as well as engineering and installation support. Buyers must be aware that there are dozens of ways to create a video wall from using a single media player, to dedicated video wall controllers, digital signage software, and purpose-built applications. Almost every video wall controller manufacturer approaches video walls in a different way. Some companies rely heavily on software, some prefer hardware.

At MediaNow we take an agnostic view of video walls. We work with multiple suppliers and take the time to match the right products to your needs. The only way to do this successfully is to have a very deep understanding of video wall technology and connections to the right sources. Like anything else in media presentation,  the right way is the best way. We create video walls that are purpose-built. We will never push anyone into a single solution or a single brand. We can save you money long before your video wall is installed; with our design thinking and value engineering. It is highly unlikely that you you will find any more video wall for less. So let’s talk soon.

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