The Digital Transformation will affect every business and government agency.

MediaNow is uniquely qualified to integrate these vital new technologies into your organization.. After all, there is almost no element of the digital transformation that does not involve digital media. Virtual Reality spawns from media. Augmented reality cannot exist without media. Autonomous machines rely on cameras,  microphones  and media  infrastructure  to function.

In 2019 MediaNow is launching our New Technologies Group.  To begin this expansion, we are proud to announce that we have been named as a charter Knightscope Authorized Partner and the first company to offer the Knightscope product line and related services on GSA Schedule 70.  Knightscope autonomous security robots are an amazing piece of USA technology. If you wonder why a media technology company would be representing Security Robots, keep in mind they incorporate 4 cameras, six microphones and multiple sensors. To deliver all that data and visual information requires a strong digital media infrastructure. 

Automation technologies have the potential to transform today’s workplace as dramatically as the machines of the Industrial Revolution changed the factory floor.,,,,Deloitte

Knightscope – is 100% USA MADE

Advantages of Autonomous Robots

  • Highly Productive in Repetitive or Even Dangerous Security Roles
  • Autonomous Charging Allows for Continuous Operation 24/7/365
  • Sensors Record & Retain More Data than a Human Alone
  • Engages the Public & Enhances the Brand
  • Saves Time & Money
  • AI Deep Learning

Knightscope – Autonomous Security Robots

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Why Our Clients Use Autonomous Security Robots

– Security Robots are a Force Multiplier and Proven Deterrent
– Automatic License Plate Recognition Secures Parking Lots/Structures
– Robots Help Mitigate Workplace Violence and Improve Public Safety
– Robots Patrol Hard to Reach and Previously Neglected Spaces
– Continuous Human Patrol Was a Financial Challenge
– Data Empowers Users to Make More Informed, Safer Decisions

Autonomous Charging

Allows for Continuous Operation 24/7/365


Save up to 75% and get up to 128 more hours
of coverage with our Autonomous Data Machines.

WatchBots – Layered Autonomous Security 

MediaNow has assembled the most advanced autonomous security products to answer the increasing demand for faster threat detection and response times in: 
Schools, Campuses, Hospitals, Offices and Factories.
WatchBots create a sphere of security designed and integrated to your exact situational needs. We layer multiple advanced technologies to achieve higher levels of security that traditional guard and camera systems alone, cannot achieve. All of MediaNow solutions are available with expert integration, installation and managed services.
Knightscope Security Robots – Gunshot Detection – Facial Recognition – Artificial Intelligence – Augmented Reality – Facial Recognition – Software – Mobile Control – Command And Control – Emergency Notification – Next Generation Wireless Networks – Cloud Services – Analytics